7 February 1997

DSM and Surlon India to form joint venture in India

Cooperation in engineering plastic stock shapes

DSM Engineering Plastic Products bv (Brussels), a business group of the Dutch chemicals and materials group DSM, has concluded an agreement with Surlon India Ltd. (New Delhi) concerning the setting up of a 51/49 joint venture, DSM EPP Surlon India Ltd.. The joint venture will be responsible for the production and sale of engineering plastic stock shapes in India and the neighbouring countries.
DSM Surlon India (New Delhi) will start trading immediately. The establishment of this joint venture is in line with DSM Engineering Plastic Products' strategy, which is aimed at reinforcing its global leadership position in the production and sale of engineering plastic stock shapes used for machine parts.

Surlon India produces cast nylon stock shapes for the Indian market. In addition to these products DSM EPP Surlon India will also bring DSM Engineering Plastic Products' wide product range to India and the neighbouring countries. From its base in New Delhi the new company will also support local customers in the development of new applications and in their choice of materials. Engineering plastic stock shapes are sheets, rods and tubular bars, which are machined or fabricated into parts for the engineering, mining, chemical and medical industries as well as in numerous other sectors.

DSM Engineering Plastic Products bv

DSM Engineering Plastic Products, with its head office in Brussels (Belgium), has annual sales of approximately NLG 600 million and employs roughly 2,000 people worldwide. The business group holds global leadership positions with its products and has over 20 production sites in Europe, North America and the Far East. Its subsidiaries include Axxis, Cestidur, Erta, Polypenco, Sheffield Plastics and the Polymer Corporation.

DSM Engineering Plastic Products produces stock shapes from polyamide, polyacetal, PET, (U)HMW-PE, PEEK, PVDF, PEI, PSU and PPS. It also manufactures polycarbonate sheets, modified-PET sheets and thermoplastic industrial hoses.